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In the 1960s, Consonno, a small town near Milan, was on its way to being a ritzy getaway. It used to be full of tourists, but in 1976, a landslide blocked the only road leading to town. Now the heirs of the owner have put the ruins of Consonno on sale.

Al Jazeera Plus

Growing marijuana isn’t usually a government’s job, but Italy called in its army to do just that: grow marijuana for medicinal use



Happy Birthday mr Berlusconi
Despite the economic crisis and his many trials, Silvio Berlusconi is still popular in Italy. On his birthday a little group of supporters meet in front of Mr. Berlusconi’s home in Arcore to wish him a happy birthday (alternative version)

Warren Buffett dismisses the workers of the Plasmon
Plasmon is the leading brand of Infant/Nutrition products in Italy. In February 2013, the company was sold at two investment funds: the brazilian “3g” and the american “Berksheire Hattaway”, owned by Warren Buffet. The new owners have decided to lay off 25% of workers (alternative version)

The decline of the Lega Nord

Pontida is a small town in northern Italy where, since many years, the  right- wing populist party “Lega Nord” holds hisr rally. But after 20 years of alliance with Silvio Berlusconi and many scandals, voters are disillusioned and leave the party  (alternative version)

Swiss head to polls to vote on salary cap for CEOs
On 23 November 2013, the Swiss people went to vote in a referendum that proposes to set the upper limit to the salaries of top managers in 12 times the salary of a worker (alternative version)


Drug business and western economy: Antonio Costa (UN) and Nicholas Shaxon (Journalist)

Interviews with Antonio Maria Costa, former director of UNDC and Nicholas Shaxson, journalist and author of bestselling tax havens book “Treasure Islands”

Clips taken from the documentary “Cocaine doesn’t exist” directed by Giorgio Ghiglione and Emanuele Marcello (in progress)

Trailer of the documentary “Cocaine doesnt exist” directed by Giorgio Ghiglione and Emanuele Marcello(currently in progress). All rights reserved (c) 2013


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